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World & American History Social-Cultural History Portrait Project

Discover how portraits can convey information about the lives of people in the era in which the painting was completed, much as films in the last 100 years reveal information about contemporary society.

Task 1: Select a portrait artist (European or American) from the 16th through the 19th centuries and find 3 portraits by the artist. Save the URL for each of the 3 paintings so you can access them later.DEADLINE: the end of quarter 1

Task 2: Research and write a mini-biography (approximately 400 words) about the artist along with an analysis of each the selected paintings. Start with Wikipedia, if you like, but be sure to use at least two other sources as well. USE YOUR OWN WORDS in the final double-spaced word processing document (plagiarism means a “0″). The bulk of the paper/power point should be an analysis of the portraits, focusing upon how the painting provides clues about the lives of subjects of the portraits. DEADLINE: the start of Christmas break

Task 3: Prepare a power point presentation or oral presentation (with visuals) that contains the summarized results of your research paper. DEADLINE: SEMESTER EXAM WEEK IN mid-JANUARY

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