posted by Richard Joyce on Aug 19

Welcome to Mr. Joyce’s Social Studies PROJECTS Blog!


Go to my social studies moodle site to access course assignments and other course materials for WORLD HISTORY (grade 9) or WORLD & AMERICAN HISTORY (grade 10) or POLITICS AND THE LAW (elective) or JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW (elective)  by clicking the link below!

** Please note that access to the entire history textbook for 9th and 10th grader c ourses is easy on any computer — go the the moodle link (above), and click on it. At the first page of the moodle site is the password for accessing the textbook, along with the link to the textbook. Simply enter the password and the full textbook is accessed. If any problem is encountered accessing the textbook, simply e-mail me at

All major PROJECTS in my classes can be accessed on this blog.

Click on the posts (above on the right) for information about current social studies course projects and news >>>

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