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World History I Mythology Project


Project Descriptor

Most ancient societies were polytheistic, with religions based upon gods and goddesses that were anthropomorphic, meaning the gods and goddesses had human form and characteristics. The powers of these gods and goddesses tended to reflect the forces of nature, helping the ancients understand forces that were beyond their understanding scientifically.

You are to select one god or goddess, from any culture. You are to do some research on the beliefs about this god/goddess and select one myth about the god/goddess, that depicts his/her powers.

After you have researched the god/goddess and selected a myth,you will be expected to find artistic representations of the god/goddess and the myth from the modern world (which for purposes of the project means from the Renaissance Era (around 1500) right up to today. These artistic representations can include paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and/or film clips.

You will then be expected to make a visual presentation (either through a power point, a video, or poster-sized display), which will accompany an oral presentation.

Finally, you are to make or obtain at least one “prop”, which will be used by you during your presentation (for example, you might make wings to represent Cupid or a bring a hammer to represent the Norse god Thor).


1. The oral presentation should be at least 5 minutes in length, but no more than 10 minutes in length. If you wish, you can use 3 x 5 cards for notes, or have notes on the power point (if you use a power point), or you can even produce a video, but regardless of your method of presentation, the presentation should not be read.

2. The oral presentation should have 3 parts:

(a) an introduction of the god/goddess AND  of the religion the god/goddess represented, including an overview of the religion AND a discussion of the role  of the god/goddess in the culture’s religion (powers, etc);

(b) an explanation of the ancient myth you selected, and how it illustrates the personality and powers of the god/goddess — what aspects of life did the myth attempt to explain for the ancients?

(c) discussion of the display portion of your project (the visuals and the “prop”) — how has the god/goddess been portrayed in modern culture?

The presentations will take place after Christmas break. Do not wait until the last minute to prepare your presentation.

Available from:    September 2013

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